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Hi Micheal, It is not that I was not happy with setup-storage, it was just that I wasn't aware that by setting "skip partition" or so, I disabled grubscripts as well. Reason to put al partitioning in here was that I wanted to have only one place to auto-findout what kind of server I am dealing with. 

I think I will continue on the way I started, just because I already did this much work, and there is more fun in fixing it exactly the way I want. But it's good to know there is a good way out by re-enabling setup-storage. 

So, where can I find more info on how to tell grub how to behave? or should I just start the partition slightly later (how much?) 

kind regards and thanks for your answer! 


Met vriendelijke groet, 
Alexander Swen 

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> Hi,

> [...]
> > also tried to put it in /dev/ccisss/c0d0 but that fails with "Your
> > embedding area is unusually smal./ core.img won't fit on it...
> >
> [...]

> I think the device name should be ok, but apparently your partition
> layout is
> not. I haven't looked at your script, but probably you are starting
> the first
> partition right at first few bytes instead of leaving sufficient
> space for an
> MBR+GRUB to fit in, or even an extra partition if you use a GPT disk
> label.

> Best,
> Michael

> PS.: Arguably setup-storage isn't perfect, but at least it knows
> about all those
> issues. You may want to look at its code or simply *use* it!?
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