Timing issue with scripts (GRUB/10-setup runs last)

Allison, Brad ballison at alertsite.com
Wed Dec 29 17:03:26 CET 2010

I want to install a menu.lst for my CLASS of systems that is different than
the default.

I tried creating a MYCLASS/53-install_grub script that tried to copy my
menu.lst to /target/boot/grub/menu.lst but it fails because the directory
/target/boot/grub has not been created yet at the time the script runs.  The
directory does not get created until GRUB/10-setup runs.

I did a "watch find /target/boot" while the system was imaging and I see
that no /target/boot/grub is created when I my script runs.  I found where
"grub-install" is finally getting called and it's in
"/srv/fai/config/files/boot/grub/menu.lst/postinst" which i presume is
getting called from the GRUB/10-setup script's fcopy?

I also see that GRUB/10-setup runs last.  Which is AFTER my all my scripts
in my class.  So it would overwrite my menu.lst anyhow.

1- How do I get my INSITE/53-insite_grub script to run last? I tried moving
it to INSITE/99-insite_grub and that did not work.  GRUB/10-setup still went
last, AND there was no /target/boot/grub when my script ran.  Grub is
installed, but there's no grub directory because grub-install had not run
yet at the time the script runs.

2- Is there a different way to just install a "menu.lst" that's unique to my
class?  I see a menu.lst/GRUB in the files directory and tried creating a
menu.lst/INSITE for my class but that didn't work.  Neither are actually
getting installed.

3- my script INSITE/53-install_grub creates a /target/boot/grub/menu.lst and
I see that when the GRUB/10-setup script runs it moves my menu.lst to

Can someone please instruct me on how to install my own menu.lst for this
special class of servers?


Brad Allison
Senior Systems Administrator
954-312-0188 x214
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