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Tue Dec 28 19:14:17 CET 2010

Hello, after a few days without writing on the mailing list i recome with
the good new that i have got
since Friday the 17th my technologist engineering degree in telecomputing.


I have a remote install server which deploys windows clients. I want to
write a script which will
be run at the first starting up after the installation and rename the
computer according to its mac adress.
The problem is that in windows, there's not a variable which contains the
mac adress (like %computername%, %path%,...).
I have done many researches but i am not satisfied that's why i have asked
this question to fai-linux.
Here is the algorithm of the script:

set MAC=mac adress got with a method i don't know

if %mac%==00:08:74:B4:05:1D set computername=PC01
if %mac%==00:14:22:D6:FA:FC set computername=PC02
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