setup-storage fails when preserving LVM volume

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Fri Dec 17 09:23:03 CET 2010

Hi Nicolas,

First of all thank you very much for quickly sending the logs!

> [...]
> Use of uninitialized value $p in concatenation (.) or string at
> /usr/share/fai/setup-storage// line 289.
> /dev/sda2 will be preserved
> vg0/local will be preserved
> [...]
> (CMD) parted -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos 1> /tmp/A_p3dpsLFC 2> /tmp/ZQLJLH5omp
> Executing: parted -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos
> Command had non-zero exit code
> (STDOUT) Error: Partition(s) 2 on /dev/sda have been written, but we
> have been unable to inform the kernel of the change, probably
> because it/they are in use.  As a result, the old partition(s) will
> remain in use.  You should reboot now before making further changes.


I hope to have addressed all the above problems in 4.0~beta2+experimental48.
Could you please give that one another try and report back? Could you please
even send debug logs in case it works fine? As said in the other thread just
moments ago, I'm trying to to a bit of cleanup work as well.

Thanks a lot,

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