what's the correct way to declare LVM on entire disk ?

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Thu Dec 16 14:47:32 CET 2010

Hi Mât,


> > 
> > > Could you tell me what is the "correct" way to declare such a configuration please ?
> > > 
> > 
> > Your second attempt *without* the disk_config disk2 line would be "correct" -
> > but it seems that setup-storage is not. Could you just give that another try
> > as explained above to see the behaviour is consistent at least? I'll meanwhile
> > try to figure out what's going wrong. Oh, yes, and as always: debug logs are
> > most welcome :-)

I finally got around to look into this and it might be that indeed it would be
better not to declare this configuration as being "correct" - and go for another
one instead. Could you give the following configuration a try?

# Include LVM/RAID, Generic disk naming
# http://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/Setup-storage

disk_config disk1 bootable:1
primary	/boot		100	ext3	rw
primary	swap		1G	swap	sw
primary	/		1G	ext3	rw,errors=remount-ro
logical	/usr		2G	ext3	rw
logical	/var		2G	ext3	rw
logical	/home		512	ext3	rw
logical	/tmp		1G	ext3	rw
logical	-		4G-	-	-

disk_config disk2
raw-disk - 0 - -

disk_config lvm
vg HEBEX		disk1.9
HEBEX-WOO_LOG		/WOO/LOG	10G-	ext3 rw,noatime

disk_config lvm
vg PPC			disk2
PPC-WOO			/WOO		30G-	xfs rw

The problem with entirely leaving out disk2/sdb is that setup-storage does not
know whether it may put a new disk label on that device or whether that would
corrupt a disk setup-storage should not have touched. With the above config it
is made explicit that setup-storage is to configure the disk the way it needs to
be configured. Well, and going without a (temporary) disk label poses problems
with parted, which refuses to display the geometry of a device without a disk
label. Without such information, however, setup-storage cannot determine the
size of the volumes that will end up on disk2/sdb, e.g., the 30G- volume.

Mât, could you please give this config another try?

Thanks a lot,

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