Steffen Grunewald steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de
Thu Dec 16 09:12:07 CET 2010

In the past few days, I had (after some additions to the mirrors) to reinstall
a couple of nodes, and all of them stopped dead after downloading 390 packages.
MAXPACKAGES, in FAIBASE.var, was set to 200.
Reducing MAXPACKAGES to 150 resulted in package counts going up to 324, but
the installation finally succeeded.
I have set MAXPACKAGES to 100 for future installs now, to be on the safe side,
but I'm still worried - is this behaviour intentional? From a naive point of
view, I'd expect the installer to cut the package list into chunks of 
maximally $MAXPACKAGES items, even after resolving dependencies... What
would happen if there was an "include everything for a certain project"
metapackage? Would even MAXPACKAGES=1 (or close to 1) fail to install?


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