probably no grub-install in FAI installation

Nicolas Courtel courtel at
Thu Dec 9 11:34:19 CET 2010

> we are currently testing a FAI-Squeeze installation and struggled with the
> grub2 installation. We are using the FAI-server v 3.4.5 and install the current
> Squeeze grub-ps package v 1.98+20100804-8.
> After the installation the system does not boot from the hard drive. It turned
> out that '/usr/sbin/grub-install' never has being called in the postinst script
> of the grub-pc package.
> A quick and dirty work around is a '$ROOTCMD grub-install' in a script or a hook
> which is probably not meant to be the preferred way.
> We added 'set -x' into the postinst script of the grub-pc package to increase the verbosity.
> The 'db_get grub-pc/install_devices' in line 494 does not set the RET variable
> which avoids the next 'for' loop. So a grub-install is not being called.
> We are not sure, but probably an interactive debconf configuration is required at this point.
> Has anybody seen a similar symptom? Is there a clean way to solve this problem?
> Thank you and cheers,
> Henning

You might be able to do it with debconf, but the easy way is to call 
grub-install in an FAI script, like it's done in fai-doc's examples 
(/usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/scripts/GRUB_PC) :

$ROOTCMD grub-mkdevicemap -n -m /boot/grub/
$ROOTCMD grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
$ROOTCMD grub-install --no-floppy "(hd0)"


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