creating a chroot or virtualization environment

mamadou diop diopmodou8 at
Mon Dec 6 14:56:39 CET 2010

Hi Thomas,

I was trying to create a chroot with fai. Please, help me by looking at this

root at faiserver:~# fai -c FAIBASE DHCPC DEMO -v -u faichroot dirinstall
                   Fully Automatic Installation  -  FAI

               FAI 3.2.4+svn4837-0ubuntu2, 01 Apr 2008  Copyright (c)
               Thomas Lange  <lange at>

Using configuration files from /etc/fai
Calling task_confdir
Error: Provide the URL to obtain the fai config storage in $FAI_CONFIG_SRC
Problems accessing the config space.

2010/12/5 mamadou diop <diopmodou8 at>

> Thank you Thomas, i have understood.
> 2010/12/4 Thomas Lange <lange at>
>   >>>>> On Sat, 4 Dec 2010 13:01:03 +0000, mamadou diop <
>> diopmodou8 at> said:
>>    > Hello, what is the difference between a chroot created with
>> debootstrap and
>>    > installing a chroot by running
>>    > 'fai -N -v -u $hostname dirinstall -$TARGET'
>> debootstrap can only install a very minimal system, and does no
>> configuration changes. fai dirinstall calls debootstrap, but then
>> installs additional packages for all classes and fdoes the
>> configuration part.
>> --
>> regards Thomas
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