fai-mirror error after update to 3.4.5

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Sat Dec 4 19:02:32 CET 2010

(explicitly CC'ed Thomas to alert him.)

Hi all,

> after update to 3.4.5 I get an error when running fai-mirror (system is a current debian lenny).
> The following command was entered ("/fai/etc"-config files are stored in a different location, but this should
> IMHO not cause the problem).


Indeed, IMHO this problem will occur in all cases. It's caused by the recent
bugfix of #600715. With this bugfix install_packages does:

print "$0: reading config files from directory $classpath\n";

Before it was a warn instead of the print, sending the result to stderr. This
nicely fixed #600715, but it interferes with make-fai-nfsroot, which uses the
output of install_packages:

install_packages -l -p$cfdir > $NFSROOT/var/tmp/packages.nfsroot

AFAIK this is the only use of this kind, hence it would be ok to keep the bugfix
of #600715, but we need a fix of make-fai-nfsroot (which would be a grep -v).
Thomas, here's where your input is needed: Would something like

install_packages -l -p$cfdir | grep -v "install_packages: reading config files from" > $NFSROOT/var/tmp/packages.nfsroot

be fine with you? I guess we'll need a 3.4.6, however, as fai-mirror is probably
broken in all cases with the current situation. Yet I am not quite happy with
the above grep-solution as a change of install_packages' output will again break

Best regards,

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