install system hangs during boot up

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Sat Dec 4 12:08:54 CET 2010

Hi Martin,

This post is more than three weeks old with nobody responding so far, sorry for
this. Yet, you might have resolved this already, in which case my reply is
probably pointless.

> Hi,
> I'm experiencing problems during boot up of my install system. On a VMware ESX 
> server the installation works perfectly but on my Intel S3200SH the system 
> stops during boot up.

Do you mean that you fail to start installation, or does the system fail to boot
*after* installation?

> According to the output on the screen the problem seems to be connected 
> somehow to the networking system (see [1]). Both machines use Intel 
> e1000 cards (VMware a virtual one, the machine that makes the trouble a 
> physical one). I googled around for a while and found [2] but this issue is 
> quite old.
> I tried another (newer) kernel (2.6.35-grml64) instead of the standard 
> 2.6.32-5-amd64 but the behavior is exactly the same.


Does the system boot using, e.g., a standard GRML iso? Furthermore you should
AFAIK be able to get to a busybox shell in some way, which might make debugging
a lot easier. Another option would be sniffing on the network to see what
exactly the system is trying to do - either it fails to set up IP addressing
already, or it just fails to do an NFS mount!?

Hope this helps,

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