FAI stable release 3.4.5 available

BITTNER Peter peter.bittner at thalesgroup.com
Wed Dec 1 10:57:23 CET 2010


will there be an ISO image of this release for download on the FAI website? As of today, there are version 3.3 images for i386/amd64 and a USB stick tar file available at http://fai-project.org/fai-cd/

An update would be nice and helpful!

Cheers, Peter

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the new FAI stable release 3.4.5 has been relased and is available through Debian/unstable and the squeeze repository on fai-project.org.

This release is supposed to fix the outstanding issues (including the annoying hostname problem) for squeeze, I'll ask Debian's release managers for another release exception so it makes it into squeeze.

Please: If you notice *any* problems please report them so we can address them!

Thanks to all involved people for doing an excellent job!

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