fstabkey:label with lvm?

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Fri Nov 27 09:47:47 CET 2009

> Dear FAI list,
> I'm new to the setup-storage tool and have some problems trying to
> configure the partitioning.
> I want to use labels in my /etc/fstab.  Also I want to put several
> partitions on LVM.  The following doesn't work.  However adding
> createopts to the lvm volumes doesn't work too...
> Any help is very well appreciated!


Could you redo your installation and add export debug=1 to a proper one of your
class/*.var files? This should yield extensive debug output by setup-storage
which could help debug this; I don't quite understand why all of the LVM
commands yield a non-zero exit code.


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