booting from host with multiple network cards

Toomas Tamm tt-fai at
Mon Nov 23 08:39:42 CET 2009

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 01:38:16PM +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:

> * bootoption ethdevice: use specified network device for network booting
> (PXE) instead of default (being eth0). Feature contributed by Helge
> Wagner. Usage example: ethdevice=eth1

Does anyone know/remember, why the problem cannot be fixed properly,
i.e. make live-initramfs try all interfaces and use the first one
where a DHCP reply is obtained?

This used to be possible with fai-kernels under etch, so why is it not
possible with live-initramfs?

I imagine someone could even create a patched live-initramfs package
which could be used together with fai in lieu of the lenny default

Toomas Tamm

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