booting from host with multiple network cards

Thomas Lange lange at
Sun Nov 22 13:38:16 CET 2009

In the past, several people had problems booting a host with multiple
network cards. IIRC Dell hardware often had this problem.
In newer versions of live-initramfs a new bootoption is available.

* bootoption ethdevice: use specified network device for network booting
(PXE) instead of default (being eth0). Feature contributed by Helge
Wagner. Usage example: ethdevice=eth1

AFAIKS this option was first added to grml, then the patch was
also included in the original live-initramfs package.

A backport version of the newest live-initramfs package can be found

I think about adding a newer live-initramfs package to the FAI
repository, so you will automatically get a version that supports this
new option. Any comments?
regards Thomas

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