fai 3.3.2 + karmic koala

Alexander Thomas alex at gaponline.de
Fri Nov 20 11:51:06 CET 2009


I have a serious problem with fai 3.3.2 and karmic koala during
installing software... it seems that dpkg could not found the package
status file:
> Calling hook: instsoft.DEFAULT

> instsoft.DEFAULT     OK.

> Calling task_instsoft

> Installing software may take a while

> Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: No such file or

> The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

> install_packages: reading config files from directory

> install_packages: read config file DEFAULT

> install_packages: read config file AUTH

> install_packages: read config file NFS

> install_packages: executing chroot /target apt-get clean

> Can't call method "exists" on an undefined value at
/usr/sbin/install_packages line 400, <FILE> line 82.

> Exit code task_instsoft: 471

System upgrade (one step ago) will beeing finished successfully.

Any suggestions?

Cu Alex

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