Installation problems with NFS mount on sun Fire X2100 with suspicious kernel behavior

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Fri Nov 20 11:13:24 CET 2009

>   Hello all,
> I used fai to install approximately 20 servers from Sun, but I am
> completely unable to use it on Sun Fire X2100 machines (verified on
> three of them). I use Debian Lenny on server (version 3.2.17~lenny1)
> and I want it to be installed on all the machines. My problem is even
> stranger, because fai seems to behave differently depending on kernel
> I give the tftp to transfer.
> The TFTP part works okay and transfers vmlinuz and initrd.img files,
> then systems boot with no apparent error. Nevertheless when it comes
> to the point where it should ask for mounting NFS, it behaves strange.

[...] (serveral kernel versions)

AFAIK the X2100 has at least two network interfaces; are you sure that this is
not causing that kind of trouble? You might want to see some recent thread on
linux-fai for dealing with multiple network interfaces.


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