client installation through fai

Henning Sprang henning at
Thu May 21 11:33:19 CEST 2009

Rajesh pant wrote:
> hello all,
> i have fai server already installed. though i am not able to boot a
> client machine using fai.

Then it's not really installed yet...

> it looks as if there is some problem in my
> dhcpd.conf file and i am not sure wheather i have to start a tftpd-hpa
> server too?

If you want to do PXE Boot and install from there, you need tftpd.
It can either be configured as standalone daemon in
/etc/defaults/tftpd-hpa or via inetd.

> it is written in fai guide that if the installation process proceeds it
> will overwrite all the data which is there in client machine.

That's what installation is about :)

> is there any command or script which can halt or cancel the installation
> in between.
> actually i just want to test wheather client and server are connecting
> or not.

If you test with the same client that you want to install anyway(that is
your final goal, isn't it?), it shouldn't matter :)

And you can use the function sysinfo - see the fai guide for
explanations on it, or if you use fai-chboot read it's manpage and set
FAI_ACTION to sysinfo only.


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