disk name change hda/sda between install and runtime kernel

Henning Sprang henning at sprang.de
Mon May 18 22:21:07 CEST 2009

Christian Meissner wrote:
> 	/lib/udev/vol_id /dev/hda5
> and so u can rewrite your fstab. 

Hmm, good idea, I didn't think of UUID's.

Reading the manpage, it seems setup-storage even supports this, even
though I had to think a bit on how and where to configure it.

Think I found it now (fstabkey:uuid in the "disk_config" line for the
whole disk).

I wonder, if I don't have to use device name anywhere, (disk_config
disk1, fstabkey:uuid), if and how I then can circumvent of having to do
something like

"vg data hda5"


Anyway, first I gonna try the uuid stuff these days and report if it


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