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Per Foreby perf at
Fri May 8 01:35:05 CEST 2009

Henning Sprang wrote:

> Per Foreby wrote:
>> Can I use this method on a lenny server with the stock fai package, or
>> do I need a newer version from the fai repository?
> Lenny version should do fine.
>> What about softupdate after such an installation? Is it still broken in
>> Ubuntu?
> Where softupdates broken in Ubuntu? I did not notice.

I read it somewhere, but i hope I'm wrong. (I just recently started
investigating fai/ubuntu, so consider me a novice.)

> I only use hardy and the last time I checked, it worked fine.

But if you use  Ubuntu's fai-client to do a softupdate against a
$FAI_CONFIGDIR from Debian's fai-server, isn't there a risk that the
configuration will be incompatible if the fai versions don't match?

> (that said, that answers my question about throwing fai out of ubuntu:
> as long as softupdates work, it should stay there, and that is
> independent from initrd-stuff).

Sounds wise as long as the initial installation can be done from a
Debian fai server.


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