Patching kernel with aufs (riding a dead horse?)

Carsten Aulbert carsten at
Thu May 7 10:50:11 CEST 2009


Thomas Lange schrieb:
>     > Has someone got a patch ready which I can apply to a recent 2.6.27 (or
>     > later) kernel to get aufs in there? I've been struggling yesterday
>     > evening without much success to get this into the kernel tree, somehow I
>     > made something wrong:
> Have a look at grml. IIRC they use a very recent kernel, and they also
> use FAI and live-initramfs to build their live CD.

I'm using that now, but it breaks in the initramfs:

debug output from live.log (typed in manually, so might contain typos)

+ mount -t aufs -o
noatime,dirs=/cow=rw:/live/image/live/filesystem.dir=rr aufs /root

mount: mounting aufs on /root failed: No such device
+ panic mount aufs on      /root failed with option

then a few lines showing the variables DEB_{1,2,3,4}, LIVELOG and DEBUG

then I get the shell

The directory /root exists (part of / whicih is of type rootfs (rw)

/live/image is of type nfs (/srv/fai/nfsroot on the nfs server)

/cow is of type tmpfs(rw)

Any idea? So far google only gave me blanks.

Thanks a lot


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