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Tue May 5 23:02:53 CEST 2009

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Hm, that's interesting -- I didn't think about trying that route.  How
> do I specify a different base.tgz to unpack in the newly created file
> system?  It looks like the path to base.tgz is hard-coded into
> subroutines-linux, at least in the version I'm currently looking at
> (which isn't the latest).

The task extrbase looks in the directory "basefiles" inside the fai
configspace for a file

CLASS.tar.gz - for any of the clases defined for the host currentlyx
being installed.

> I suppose I could generate a separate lenny NFS root for doing Ubuntu
> installations that has a base.tgz for jaunty in it.  That's just a
> tarball of the results of debootstrap?

you don't need the base.tgz, but the CLASS.tar.gz (not the tar.gz NOT
tgz! - a bit confusing), but apart from that, yes, it's nothing but a
tarred deboostrap result (or whatever you might wish to add or remove
from the debootstrap)!


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