Thank you and good bye.

Adrian Gibanel Lopez agibanel at
Tue May 5 18:16:57 CEST 2009

Hi FAI mailing list,

I want to thank you for all the answers you have given to my questions.
In my opinnion you should use the wiki more and not ask the people to
search messages in the mailing list but it is just my opinnion.

I was able to finish my thesis on time and I passed it.

Although FAI is good thing I am no longer interested on it. Whenever I
need to use it again I will get a Debian distribution and begin to enjoy
it with my thesis steps.

I am very upset about Ubuntu development. I know that not everybody at
Ubuntu team can update the FAI version as needed but what the hell, I have
tried to change that.

There is a link here about someone complaining about FAI being very
outdated in Ubuntu.

I reply myself and offer my Ubuntu 8.10 packages and the bug report
related to my improvements on three packages.

I still ask myself if FAI does work in Ubuntu 9.04 (serving Ubuntu 9.04 to
the installation clients). I bet that no.

You know the other day I dreamt about FAI having an script run after the m
mkinitfs run that modified the generated initrd. Or that FAI had a fork, a
parallel build of initramfs-tools and live-initramfs with another name. Or
just an initramfs-tools fork that relied on most initramfs-tools and
live-initamfs files but had its own files.

But this is too much complex. Ockham would be upset. It is probably better
to fix the current initramfs-tools and live-initramfs.

Well, as I already said:

Thank you and good bye. I am going to unsubscribe.

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