FAI Djangofied

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Tue Jul 28 21:39:08 CEST 2009

Dear FAI Fanatics,

I actually found the time to release my latest project:

FAI-Django ;)

No, it's not named like this :)

But to get the idea:

1. webfrontend + database management via django
2. automatic sysinfo task via python-dmidecode+django
3. difference between entities: server=hardware machine, host=logical
machine (OS+Network etc.)
configuration/management via web ui
5. etc. pp.

Most of the scripts are now python djangofied, with a shell interface.

There will be two versions of the system available:

1. Full fledged Django Site Installation (including User/Group
Authentication with rights management)
2. Only the FAI-Manager Application with the database schema models.

You can have a look at some screenies as promised to Thomas here:

Source is public, but I won't tell you where, because I have more code
laying around to push, and there is a bit more to adjust on FAI then you
know ;)

Also, this system includes a djangofied tftpd, which deals with PXE
requests directly, not as those asynchronous web ui tftp management

Thx to everybody involved in FAI...it's a very pleasant framework...and
I think we need more marketing ;)


have a good night, see you tomorrow...feedback welcome.



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