fai on cluster with debian x86_64

Markus Uhlmann markus.uhlmann at ifh.uka.de
Sat Jan 24 19:13:26 CET 2009

hi Thomas,

> The password is set in the script scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc
> using the command
>   echo "root:$ROOTPW" | $ROOTCMD chpasswd --encrypted
> You may want to add an echo $ROOTPW, to see if the password is really
> set before calling the command.

I think you put me on the right track here. I will try this next time.

>    > ROOTPW='itlrBHLS/AD36'
> You should not show us your encrypted password.

I didn't, the password is already edited for this list ;)

> BTW, I'm always very interested in user experiences with FAI. Can you
> please fill out the FAI questionnaire
> http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/questionnaire
> and send it back to me when you finished a project with fai.

sure, I will. but first I need to get through the job ;)

another remark I have: I had to disable the "chboot" task, since the 
installation stalled each time, because "ssh" was requesting an 
interactive confirmation when adding the new host key for the 
fai-server during outward connection. how is the strict host key 
checking disabled in general?

thanks again,


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