How to skip repository upgrade in 'fai-setup -v'

Henning Sprang henning at
Mon Aug 31 19:23:11 CEST 2009

Peter Bittner wrote:
> Henning,
> can you explain your answer? Is it necessary for a FAISERVER system to
> be on the Internet to complete the setup successfully?

The base.tgz is a packaged NFSROOT (plus some additional packages, minus
some tweaks only needed for the NFSROOT), and it's usually built from
scratch with each fai-setup run - or, better, it is created from scratch
with each make-fai-nfsroot, which is called by fai-setup.

The NFSROOT is created by calling deboostrap, which needs a debian
mirror usually.

It is entirely possible that the "finished successfully" statement is
wrong - you could check your nfsroot and base.tgz if they really contain
anything useful.


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