lenny install: some problems with aptitude, and/or kernel?

Michael Goetze mgoetze at mgoetze.net
Wed Aug 26 16:25:22 CEST 2009


> because I don't yet have that much understanding of the proper usage of
> hooks, and thus not had them on my mind. I've now started to use them,
> though.

this comes with the simple-examples, and many people have used those as
a base for their custom installation. You should certainly at least look
through them.

> Hmmm... so, in the example, fcopy doesn't copy the file
> /etc/kernel-img.conf from the installation client (= NFS root), but the
> file faiconfig/files/etc/kernel-img.conf/<classname> if the hook is
> named instsoft.<classname>, right?

Actually the class calling the hook is not guaranteed to be the one for
which the file is copied, please see the fcopy manpage for details.

> What would a machine without a kernel be useful for, but at the same
> time require FAI to be installed?

Certain virtualization technologies...

> The hardest part seems to be to figure out where the various errors
> originate. I'm also wondering how to best write my scripts to be able
> to successfully run them under "fai softupdate" (eg. buried "adduser x"
> statement fail because the user already exists).

cfagent scripts are quite good at this. ;)


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