Debian lenny with etch chrooted. Fai-setup fails

Javi Legido javilegido at
Sun Jan 27 23:20:12 CET 2008

Hi again.

Finally I decided to perform a fresh fai installation.

My system info: debian lenny with 2.6.22-2-686 kernel. My
/etc/apt/sources.list have no reference to deb etch koeln.

I did this:

rm -fr /srv/fai /var/log/fai

aptitude purge fai-client fai-doc fai-quickstart fai-server

aptitude install fai-quickstart debmirror mknbi apt-move mkisofs grub aptitude

dpkg -l | grep fai

ii  fai-client                           3.2.4
Fully Automatic Installation client package
ii  fai-doc                              3.2.4
Documentation for FAI
ii  fai-quickstart                       3.2.4
Fully Automatic Installation quickstart pack
ii  fai-server                           3.2.4
Fully Automatic Installation server package

fai-setup -v


The setup fails, because neither the well wkown line 'FAI setup
finished.' nor error message are present.

The logs:



Anyway I try to make a fai-debmirror and a fai-cd, but it fails, I
think due to the fai-setup didn't finished properlly.

Any help?

Thanks in advice

On 26/01/2008, Michael Tautschnig <tautschn at> wrote:
> > Hi again.
> >
> > Excuse me, but I'm not sure about the sources.lst files. In this link
> > it's said that my sources.lst
> > should go this way:
> >
> > /etc/apt/source.lst
> >
> > deb etch koeln
> >
> > Then my question: is correct this configuration?:
> >
> [...]
> This is appropriate only if you intend to use etch; if you use lenny, use one of
> the official Debian mirrors. Further, you should not need to touch
> /etc/apt/sources.list on your FAI server.
> Hope this helps,
> Michael

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