new to the list and fai

Jean Spirat jeanspirat at
Wed Aug 27 08:04:38 CEST 2008

hello list,

  i am new to the list and trying to use FAI for a fancy setup i am 
building :) 

  I will use an AOE storage blade. This mean that if the kernel is AOE 
aware there should be no need for nfs or things like this. I wondered if 
anyone has any experiences on this ?

  So my question is , can we build a special kernel for FAI that will be 
AOE enabled and make it so that FAI loads the filesystem image using a 
local mount instead of nfs ?

  I think i know how to change the kernel used by FAI to boot, now i 
need to replace nfs with an etherdrive mount of /dev/eth10.5 :)


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