FAI partitioning.

Ralph Crongeyer ralph at crongeyer.com
Thu Jan 25 17:03:24 CET 2007

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Sorry I didn't answer back for so long but I got pulled off of this to 
another project.

But I now I'm back on getting FAI to do SW RAID.

Does anybody have a working SW RAID "/srv/fai/config/disk_config/FAIBASE or 
FAISERVER" file that they could share with me as an example?

I'm running FAI 3.1.4 that is packaged with Debian Etch.


Anders Jackson <anders.jackson at hig.se> wrote: 
>tis 2007-01-16 klockan 15:41 -0500 skrev Ralph Crongeyer:
>> Thanks for the help on this everyone.
>> I have another question about SW RAID and FAI.
>> I found this online 
>> onfig/MIRRORED?op=file&rev=0&sc=0
>> Is this the current way to set this up?
>> I think I need to do this in "/srv/fai/config/disk_config/FAIBASE":
>As I wrote, have one gigant RAID-disk (for speed, using distributed
>writes and reads on different controllers and disks). 
>On top of that RAID-disk I would put a LVM system, so I could resize
>those logical partitions when needed. Maybe do a RAID partition for
>scratch data and one for rest of the system.
>If I am shore I never will need to resize any partition, I go for a pure
>RAID system.  And RAID don't free you from making backups.  You still
>need it when a progam (or user) runs wild on your data.  RAID "only"
>saves you from disk crashes, not from data losses.
>But that is only my 5 öre.

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