[FAI] Install error

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Tue Jan 2 12:45:38 CET 2007

Michael Tautschnig <tautschn at model.in.tum.de> escribió:

That's so unusual!
The two anomalies I found are the main theme of theese mails, located 
in "Calling task_instsoft" step, and this, at the end of the 

Calling task_chboot
WARNING: rsh -l <user> <server> failed. Can't call fai-chboot on the 
install server.

When the installation start, the directory /tmp in the chroot is almost 
empty (there is only a file: /tmp/etc/resolv.conf). Well, after the 
installation, there is a whole structure of directories like this,
   --- bin
   --- boot
   --- dev
   --- etc

So, durig the installation, the file system is not read-only. But after 
that, if I make an apt-get updatem, I get an error: 30 Read Only file 

I think one possible sollution is to execute an apt-get before the 
Calling task_instsoft step.. but I don't know hoy to do it.
What do you thik?

Thank you so much!
And congratulations for all the great job that make this tookit works.
Thank you!

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> [...] (weird errors...)
> Did you check all the logs? I guess there must be some other 
> anomalies than just
> these problems with apt - and your system being read-only is very 
> very strange
> (and probably one of the causes of this problem).
> Best,
> Michael

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