setup harddisks

Oliveiros Peixoto (Netinho) oliveiros at
Wed Dec 19 13:44:59 CET 2007

I use the script setup_harddisks to create partitions. But it return me

my file disk_config:

disk_config disk1
primary  /             30000     rw,errors=remount-ro ; -c -j ext3
logical  swap          1024      rw

when run setup_harddisks -f disk_config, return the following error.

[root at repositorio ~]# ./setup_harddisks -f disk_config -X
setup_harddisks version 0.43fai
Probing disks:
Disks found: hda

Using config file: disk_config
Mapping disk name disk1 to
ERROR: could not read device /dev/
[root at repositorio ~]#

somebody can help-me?
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