Second DHCP request during boot-time with different IP-request

Thomas Lange lange at
Mon Dec 17 23:16:30 CET 2007

>>>>> On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:17:57 +0100, Roel van der Made <r.vandermade at> said:

    > - why the second dhcp request since it already received it trough
    > dhcpd/pxe ?
This is fine. The first DHCP request comes from you NIC, the second
from the kernel, which cannot get the ip address from the NIC. But I'm
wondering why it wants a certain ip address which is also a wrong address.
Did you specify anything related in your pxelinux.cfg?

    > - why would go ask for a specific ip-address in the same network and
    > doesn't it just bind on the earlier supplied ip-address ?
I don't know. Maybe something weird in your dhcpd.conf. Try with the
dhcpd.conf example supplied by the fai-doc package.

    > A different question is, what's the best place to initiate a dhcp-client
    > request for a second interface, which is actually the interface to be
    > used for internet-connectivity and thus the bootstrap location.
Write a hook (for example extrbase.MYCLASS), which calls the
dhcp-client. But you have to decide when you need the second interface
and maybe rename the hook so it's called earlier.

regards Thomas

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