Multiple architectures on a single fai server

Sjors Robroek sjors at
Wed Dec 5 12:55:58 CET 2007

Dear all,

I am currently trying to generate a NFSroot for both our 64 and 32bits 
desktop machines, but i'm not having much success. I've tried running 
make-fai-nfsroot and fai-setup under linux32. And while it does generate 
a nfsroot, it's still all 64bits.

Installing a fai server on a 32bits machine is not really an option, 
since we don't have lots of 32 bits machines available anymore and 
because it makes managing the nfsroots a lot more complicated, unless 
there's ofcourse no other choice.

Does anyone have any ideas to solve this problem?


Sjors Robroek

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