request for comments on Getting_fai-logs_a_better_way

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Jul 31 15:26:23 CEST 2006

>>>>> On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 11:39:37 +0200, Ingo Wichmann <iw at> said:

    > I've put up an acticle about how to get logfiles to the faiserver in the fai-wiki:
I've added some comments on it there.

BTW. I should be very easy to use syslog instead of faimond. Using
syslog for the short messages which are currently received by faimond
makes sense, but IMO it's not useful to use syslog for all the long
log files inside fai.

If you want to use syslog instead of faimond, just redefine the
subroutine sndmon() and luse the command logger for sending messages
to a syslog server.

regards Thomas

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