setup_harddisks doesn't find any disk

Michael Tautschnig tautschn at
Tue Jul 25 18:59:54 CEST 2006

> Hi,
> I contact you because I just can't make fai detecting my hard drives.
> I have made some tests with a 160 Go SATA disk and then with an ide 40
> Go disk and fai can't find my hard drive :
> Probing disks :
> Disks found :
> Using config file: /fai/disk_config/FAIBASE
> ERROR: could not read device /dev/
> Mapping disk name disk1 to
> ...
> I have read some posts on the archive and tried to make changes to
> 20-hwdetect.source regarding ata_piix and other things without success.

Do you have udev running or are there all files in /dev/, but the disk is just
noch detected? 

In any case, it is not setup_harddisks' task, but the script's in class/

Important information you should supply is:
- Your hardware
- the kernel version


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