disk_var.sh SWAPLIST problem

Frederik Wagner frederik.wagner at physik.lmu.de
Fri Jul 21 15:36:52 CEST 2006

Hi *,

I'm trying to set up a fai installation on a Software RAID1. It's
working up to only little annoyance, which I cannot figure out:

I have a mountdisks hook, which makes out of a given disk_config for one
harddisk a RAID1 (meaning copying the partition to the second disk and
setting up the md devices).
Also this script adjusts /tmp/fai/fstab and /tmp/fai/disk_var.sh. In
particular in the latter SWAPLIST ist set to /dev/md1.

In the next step in the fai installation 'task_mountdisks', I have the
problem that fai still tries to do swapon on the original in disk_config
given swap, here:
"swapon: /dev/sda5: Invalid argument"
actually this step should take the SWAPLIST entries from disk_var.sh, or
am I wrong here?

Thanks && Greets,
	Frederik Wagner
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