[solved] Server address with dhcp+tftp+pxe on Etch

Nicolas Courtel courtel at cena.fr
Tue Jul 4 16:15:36 CEST 2006

> I'm trying to set up a new FAI server for Etch, using FAI 2.10.2 on an 
> Etch workstation, and the config files of my current Sarge server. And 
> for some reason the PXE boot does not work any more, I can't figure 
> out what I have done wrong.
> DHCP seems to work fine, but after that the client uses address 
> for tftp, which of cours does not work.

The problem comes from the dhcp configuration: from version 3.0.3 the 
'next-server' parameter is required even if the tftp server is also the 
dhcp server. This new behavior is advertised in dhcp3-server/NEWS.Debian.gz.

It would probably be useful to change the comment about the next-server 
parameter in the dhcpd.conf example included in fai-doc.


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