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On Thursday 10 August 2006 15:07, you wrote:
> >>>>> On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:45:34 +0200, Adrian von Bidder
> >>>>> <avbidder at> said:
> >>>>>
>     >  My solution is to [copy sources.list] in prepareapt.DEFAULT.  I
>     > guess I should prepend it with "[ "$FAI_ACTION" == "softupdate"]
>     > &&"
> Yes, that's a good idea. [...] But the you can
> no have different sources.lsit file during and after the installation.

Would I want this? I was kind of assuming that distributing a new 
sources.list might be done per default as I always thought of sources.list 
to be a bit a special config file, it directly affecting the update 
process.  But I see the way with the hook seems sensible enough.  Thanks a 
lot for your input.

-- vbi

[Thomas: no standard (mailman?) list headers on list mail, so the default 
list handling of kmail didn't work.  That's why you got the earlier mail to 
your personal email.  Not sure which header kmail reacts to, though.  
X-Mailing-List or List-Id most likely.]

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