request for comments on Getting_fai-logs_a_better_way

Ingo Wichmann iw at
Tue Aug 1 13:40:45 CEST 2006

Thomas Lange wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 11:39:37 +0200, Ingo Wichmann <iw at> said:
>     > I've put up an acticle about how to get logfiles to the faiserver in the fai-wiki:
>     >
> I've added some comments on it there.
> BTW. I should be very easy to use syslog instead of faimond. Using
> syslog for the short messages which are currently received by faimond
> makes sense, but IMO it's not useful to use syslog for all the long
> log files inside fai.

For the way fai works now, i agree. As i pointed out on 
i'd like to see a feature, that allows to qualify log messages with 
debug levels.

For example, i think the long logs from the task instsoft are not 
perfekt. It would be nice if you could define what to log. One 
proposition would be to have four functions or variables available:

If you - in a hook - set debug_level_task to info ( 6 ) then you only 
get e.g. the lists of packages where the installation failed.

In such a scenario you could control what to log on a per 
skript/task/action/global basis on the install client. And again on the 
installserver, via syslog / syslog-ng configuration. And it would allow 
easier integration of system-monitoring software like nagios.

Must important: there must be somebody willing to implement it ...



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