Problem in finding hard disks

Lorenzo Campo lorenzo118 at
Wed Nov 16 17:37:21 CET 2005

yes, I have such a configuration file, and I have an image of kernel 2.6 (that supports SATA 
disks), but I don't know where I have to put this image inside the FAI path to make FAI itself 
use it at the boot of the client. Could you tell me what is the exact path?
Thank you.

Pedro Ferreira ha scritto:
> Hello
> In your disck config you should have
> the following
> disk_config sda
> primary  /             1000-4000     rw,errors=remount-ro   ;-c -j ext3
> logical  /var          5000-6000     rw                     ; -m 5  -j ext3
> logical  /tmp          5000-6000     rw                     ;-m 0 -j ext3
> logical  /srv         10000-         rw                     ;-m 0 -j ext3
> and you must get or compile a kernel that supports the SATA devices
> I compiled my own, if you want i can send it to you
> On 11/16/05, *Lorenzo Campo* <lorenzo118 at 
> <mailto:lorenzo118 at>> wrote:
>     I passed the problem, obviously <nfsroot>/etc/hosts was completely
>     wrong (don't know why),
>     anyway I corrected it and installation proceeded. Now I've another
>     problem with disks. It says
>     that can't find any hard disk:
>     Disk probe:
>     Disk found:
>     Can't find /dev/sda
>     I've a possible cause for this: I have SATA disks on any node, so
>     maybe it's loading the wrong
>     kernel (2.4 and not 2.6). I specified in fai.conf to load 2.6 image,
>     but maybe there was a
>     problem somewhere, so: where is the kernel image that FAI uses at
>     the boot?
>     If this is not the problem, there is some issue about not-detected
>     hard-disks by FAI?
>     Thank you very much for your help!
>     Lorenzo
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