still problem in remote mount

Lorenzo Campo lorenzo118 at
Wed Nov 16 13:27:36 CET 2005

I'm trying to modify scripts in /usr/share/fai/subroutines and subroutines-linux, but even 
putting a simple echo "hello" in the beginning of get_fai_dir it doesn't produce effects. I have 
to modify these files or there is an "operative" copy inside nfsroot path?

Michael Tautschnig ha scritto:
>>>Here's there is the content of the file 
>>[...] (seems fine)
>>Another two things you could check:
>>- Can you confirm that there is network activity at all, i.e., your client is
>>  sending requests to nodo00 and it is _not_ responding, or at least not with the
>>  correct source address (those promicous-mode message seemed a bit strange...)
>>- Just a guess, but the timeout could also happen due to some error of portmap
>>  on the client - you could try to add some debugging output to
>>  <nfsroot>/usr/share/fai/subroutines to check that; I think the local consoles
>>  are not yet available at that point.
> And some more:
> - Please add some debugging-output to <nfsroot>/usr/share/fai/subroutines-linux,
>   task_confdir to see whether 
>   * /etc/hosts and 
>   * /tmp/etc/resolv.conf  
>   contain the expected data
> - (also to be added to the above file) Try to ping nodo00 and its IP address -
>   does that work? 
> Good luck,
> Michael

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