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Holger Levsen debian at layer-acht.org
Mon Jun 27 08:25:02 CEST 2005


On Monday 27 June 2005 00:00, Thomas Lange wrote:
> These scripts are five years old and are not maintained since then. So
> it's not worth to have a look at them. Also a lot of things changed in
> fai.

false, true, false, true :-) (But be "carefull", I might be wrong as well...)

They only seem to be four years old :) and they do seem interesting, quoting 
from that page:

fai/install_rpm_root.pl which initializes the RPM database of the client 
fai/install_rpms.pl which does the installation of all RPMS 
fai/package_config/RPM_BASE as a first example of a RPM Package list.

But to answer the original posters question, as this is probably lots of work, 
I would rather deploy redhat-images to the cluster nodes (with a hook) and 
finetune them with scripts. (Search the list archives for suse+hook or 
windows+hook, IIRC.)

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