Muenchhausen-like install, running out of ideas

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obviously it helps to write down a problem... solution found!

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 10:43:08AM +0200, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> since FAI is now compatible to itself (that is, one can install FAI during
> a FAI installation) I'm now trying to not only unpack fai and fai-kernels
> packages but do the full setup in a config script.
> I'm trying to set up the necessary HTTP DocumentRoot tree, then to start
> apache, then run fai-setup -e. Unfortunately apache doesn't start up (why?),
> and I cannot reach the local stuff.
> If I open a ssh connection to the machine when it's done (faiend) I can
> start apache though... something must prevent it to start up in the middle 
> of the configure step though.

This availability/non-availability of apache pointed me to task_finish which
mainly does a fai-divert -R, and a divert set for start-stop-daemon would
of course prevent apache from starting. (It's a good thing that the chrooted
system doesn't come up in its full beauty during the install.) Simple
solution, without having to fiddle with diverts (who knows what would happen
when start-stop-daemon was active now?): do not use /etc/init.d/apache but
start /usr/sbin/apache instead. It's easy, indeed.

Now I have to check whether everything has been setup OK (worrying about 
NFS server... but that one could probably be handled in the same way)


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