implementation of classes inclear

Rudy Gevaert rgevaert at
Thu Jul 28 15:53:15 CEST 2005


The following is not clear to me:

The documentation says that if you want to use DHCPC you have to
define the NETWORK class too.

Ok...  In classes_description.txt it says that the network class has some
information in the scripts directory.

I grep trough my fai config space and have no such files, or files
installed mentioning that class

The same goes for the SERVER.

However, the examples provided with FAI have files relevant for the
SERVER and NETWORK class.  So could it just be that
classes_descriptions just says: "we have made several classes for you,
go and look in the example directory and copy those files we mention

I removed the NETWORK class form my host config file and my
installation system continues to work.

Summary: it is unclear which classes are provided by FAI by
default. (except LAST and DEFAULT).  And where can you see what those
predefined classes do.

Thank you in advance,


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