New User-SPARC Kernel

Michael Tautschnig michael.tautschnig at
Mon Jul 25 18:02:56 CEST 2005

>     My question involves the fai-kernels package and it's lack of SPARC support. Obviously I must compile my own kernel and point FAI to it. But how do I do this? (I have looked at the install guide and the link:  in the guide is dead.)

If you don't use a modular kernel, you don't need to tell FAI about it at all as
everything is loaded at startup. Else, create your kernelpackage using make-kpkg
from the kernel-package Debian package and set KERNELPACKAGE in
/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf . Then rebuild your nfsroot and things should be

I'm currently using a non-modular kernel for my SPARC machines, but the other
approach should work fine too.


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