Re: Cross platform FAI server

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at
Fri Jul 22 07:36:56 CEST 2005

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> [...]
>     > I like that idea. ;]
>     > The previous suggestion on building on an x86 and then copying the
> nfs
>     > root would have required me to setup an x86 first and then migrate.
> But you may have to make some change inside the nfsroot. Have a look
> at etc/fai files inside the nfsroot.

Hmm, and then this solution starts to get messy and not easily

Russel, if you are building a long term production system, and can afford to
dedicate one (probably slightly older) machine to be used as the
"nfsroot-creation server", I suggest to go for that. Then you can easily
adjust the fai config for the creation of the nfsroot, recreate the nfsroot
whenever you want, and you can even store your nfsroot configuration in some
version control system, or even in fai itself, so when you want another
machine to be the nfsroot-creation-server, you can easily install this with

However, if you don't want to "waste" your time with manual installation of
Debian on i386, then you can use the fai-cd for installing an i386 Debian
System, install fai on it (or is there a class FAISERVER contained?), and be
quickly ready for the creation of your i386 nfsroot.

It would be really much cooler if debootstrap could do cross-architecture
setup of a minimal debian system, but I have no idea how that could be done,
apart from using qemu (and failed to talk to anthony towns about that in


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