error after installation

Tuan A. Tran tuantran167 at
Thu Jul 7 23:30:05 CEST 2005

Hi all,

First, I would like to thank Thomas and other for helping me in
learning how to setup a cluster.
After playing around with dhcp and tftp server, I was able to install
a client. However, at the end of this process, I got a message about
errors in error.log. Basically, I got

Thu Jul 07.....
The installation took 527 seconds.
Calling task_chboot
Calling hook: savelog.LAST
ERRORS: errors in /tmp/fai/error.log
savelog.LAST     OK.
Calling task_savelog
Calling task_faiend
Press <ENTER> to reboot or ctrl-c to execute a shell

I looked at the error.log and find the following

1) error.log: tg3: tg3_request_firmaware (eth%d). Could not get
firmware tg3/tso-1.4.0

2) fai.log: SERVER not defined. Can't change networkboot configuration

3) shell.log: ERROR: No kernel was installed. Have a look at shell.log

The first error presumably requires rebuild kernel (I am not sure
because I am just a beginner). The second error confused me because
the server is defined in dhcpd.conf and I have no idea about the last

After Ctrl-C, I can run a normal linux commands. Rebooting it gives me
the same error as about. From a client, I was able to ssh or sftp with
master server.

I wonder if someone can tell me whether or not my installation was good. 

Thanks in advance,

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