fai-cd is not booting with custom config

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 13:57:08 CEST 2005


I am just trying to create a fai-cd with my custom FAI_CONFIGDIR.

While I could successfully create a fai-cd with the simple examples, my
custom fai-cd refuses to boot up, saying at the end:

--- error screen start ---

Gibraltar ... loading searching for CD....

trying to locate cdrom: no ATAPI CD-ROM drives found
searching for installed SCSI adapters...
/linuxrc: 561: cannot create: Directory nonexistent
/linuxrc: 561: cannot open: no such file
/linuxrc: 561: wc: not found
/linuxrc: 561: yes: not found
/linuxrc: 561: cannot create: Directory nonexistent
/linuxrc: 561: head: not found
/linuxrc: 561: cannot create: Directory nonexistent

--- error screen end ---

I already compared my custom config with the newest simple examples and
adjusted some things that looked like they could solve the problem, but
still. I'll see if there's some issue with the cdrom driver or
something, and maybe I'll solve it on my own, but would greatly
appreciate any hint.

BTW: FAI-upgradablity, especially getting new implemented functions,
that are only tested with the simple examples to work in an existing,
customized FAI_CONFIGDIR seems a real hard and bad problem which we need
to solve better (ideas for that upcopming)!


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