LVM setup hard disk

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Wed Sep 8 09:53:20 CEST 2004

>>>>> On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 12:09:21 +0200, "R." <meetegriot at> said:

    > Hello, I can not access the LVM & raid setup_harddisk on Sam Vilain’s
    > site.
The website will be put back online, Sam told me.

    > Has it been integrated to fai, is there a way to find it somewhere (I
    > would like to test it today) ?
No, it's not integrated into fai, since I can't maintain this code or
other code I got that makes to many changes to setup_harddisk. I like
to rewrite setup_harddisks since a long time, but it will take a lot
of time to reimplement it using libparted or parted_server. I someone
like to help me, please send me an email.

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regards Thomas

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