AW: AW: problems using fai-bootcd

Thomas Wuppermann tw at
Thu Oct 30 16:35:08 CET 2003

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Niall Young wrote:
> > The error "fai_bootcd_0.2 loading, syslogd: Couldn't get 
> file descriptor for socket /dev/log: Address family not supported"
> > is fixed, but still the boot from fai-bootcd stopped with:
> >
> > -----snip--------------------------------
> > Freeing initrd memory: 475k freed
> > VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem).
> > Freeing unused kernel memory: 160k freed
> >
> > fai_bootcd_0.2 loading, searching for CD ....
> > trying to locate cdrom:
> > -----snap--------------------------------
> >
> > what did I wrong? (Or do I have to tell it where cdrom ist? 
> and if so, where ist it?)
> What type of cdrom do you have, and is it compiled into the 
> kernel or as
> a module?

Hi Niall, hi everybody,

Thank you for the hint.

We use our own fai-kernel and after recompiling it with devfs and iso9660 
and after uncommenting the line:
in /usr/share/mkinitrd-cd/linuxrc

...the installation reached the following error:


/linuxrc: /sbin/prepareroot: not fond


and indeed, I can't find it either.
Do you know what's wrong?

Thanks in Advance

regards Thomas W.

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